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"My great uncle served with Company A of the 54th Armored Infantry Battalion of the 10th Armored Division. He joined the unit on April 10, 1945 and was killed on April 21, 1945. He joined the unit from the 3rd Reinforcement Battalion. Where did the 3rd Reinforcement Battalion operate during WWII, specifically in the months of March and April of 1945? Also, do you know where I might be able to locate any information on them? Also, I have the morning reports from April of 1945 and that was where I got the information from. The coding on the reports, I have no idea what it means. Would you be able to find that out as well. I don't want to attach the images as I don't want them to become public. Let me know of a better way to send them to you. Thanks so much. You have been a big help in other questions I have asked, but as well in the responses I have seen to other's questions. God Bless You for the time you give."


Is it possible it was the 53rd Reinforcement Battalion not the 3rd?  The 54th and 53th worked together to supply men to units that had lost men to injury or death.  The 53rd was posted in England until December 1944 and then moved to France near Marseilles and stayed there until the war ended.

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