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I came across a shearling bomber jacket in a vintage store that was being advertised as a high altitude bomber jacket from 1947. Inside the label reads USAF JACKET TYPE G-8 FLYER MAN'S INTERMED MIL-J-1704B (USAF) STOCK NO. 0712-48-13941.

I tried researching the jacket, but all I found was others being auctioned and no information about when it was issued and if it authentic military, which made me suspicious.

Do you know if the USAF ever issued this jacket? And if so, is it really from 1947? I know this woud be after WWII, but I thought you still might know.

Hello Kyle , your jacket sounds like a nice one, but without photos of it it is hard to tell if it's an original or not .
I'm not really an "expert" on the jackets themselves, I work more in the area of leather patches that go on them , but I can suggest a very good site to post photos/info on it and I'm sure you'll get all the info you need on it !

The site is

And there's a WW2 section you can post it in or wherever you feel you want to but they're a big group of leather jacket collectors and historians there on them .

Good luck and hope this helps , Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. it's free to register and post on the site mentioned.  

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