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QUESTION: I have and can proove that I have the working kahki unniform..complete with trousuers and bill cap of the command gunnery officer of the uss sabalo during and after ww2 last name Malfino...Easy enough I should think. I have his millitary id card. His uniform is complete with gold dolphines and 4 stars stuck in ribbons and they show numerouse theaters incluidng pacific theater ww2 and also china theater and numerouse others. I have his dress navy blue officers overcoat when only a luit commander and dress bill hat with correct officers insignia. Does this at least have SOME historical significance?

ANSWER: The uniform indicate a person who Navy for a long time. USS Sabalo saw only limited service at the end of war. June of 1945 is when went into service. No real historical significance. It would value as collectable. I am sure National WWII museum in New Orleans love something like that as donation.

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QUESTION: Yes, I am sure they would also like me to donate my never before seen film footage of battle of midway(no sarcasm) Robert Bolduc was a gunner on a nval ship and I have about 15 minutes of intense battle also a hazing ceremony. I get the (donate) thing frequently  know this....I am about as poor as it gets, I dont want to get rid of these items but when you have already lost most of what you have ...keeping a house is the only thing left I want maximum value I DESERVE full value. It always comes down to (donate) I have even ben told I should be (ashamed) for not donating, this musr mean that many assume that any one owning such items can readily afford to give them away...thank you for you r time

As I said, collectors or dealers of Militaria would be interested in what you have. They do have a cash value. How much that would be I do not know. I do not buy or sell these things. I wish I could help you more. I do hope things work out for ya. You could try to see if they be interested. The owner has an interest naval stuff.

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