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My father's World War II service started with the Infantry (MOS 745 - Rifleman) in the Army Ground Forces (AGF). He developed trench foot in December 1944 and could not perform his duties as an infantryman. In March 1945 he was transferred to the Army Air Corps/Army Air Force as a Duty Soldier III (MOS 590) and he remained with the AAC/AAF until he was discharged in December 1945. From the Army I have been able to determine and received the medals, awards and decorations that he earned while with the Army Ground Forces. However I have not been able to figure out how the AAF was organized into different units to determine if he is due any PUCs, MUCs, medals, awards or decorations for his service in the AAF. I know that AGF is organized in unit sizes of company, battalion, regiment, division, army, etc. But what is considered a unit in WWII AAC/AAF? Is it bomber wing, bomb group, bomb squadron? Where does an air depot, air service squadron, air engineer squadron, air service group fall within a larger unit for awards and decorations? When would a Duty Soldier III be entitled to a unit award? The AAC/AAF is very confusing to me.

From my father's OMPF I learned that he was transferred from Army Ground Forces to the Army Air Force/Army Air Corps in March 1945 and was assigned first to the 10th Air Depot in April 1945, then 329th Air Service Squadron in April 1945, then 888th Air Engineer Squadron, 470th Air Service Group in May 1945, then 913th Air Engineering Squadron, 495th Air Service Group in June 1945, then Detachment A, 1587th Quartermaster Mobile Aviation Squadron in October 1945, then his final assignment to the 441st Bomb Squadron, 320th Bomb Group in October 1945.
Can you tell me which AAF units he would have served with and if he is due any awards for his service with the AAF from March 1945 until December 1945? Also attached is his Report of Separation that primarily only shows his AGF service.
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Darryl Andrews

Hello Darryl, thank you for your very indepth questions about your Dad's time in the Army and AAF, wow he really got around to say the least !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now as to what awards/medals/ribbons he would have been entitled to , this is a little out of my area of knowledge, but I can suggest two great sites you can go to and post on for free, all you have to do is register with them and get the go ahead reply and then you'll be ready  to post , both sites are great for what you're needing and I wish you all the best on your search !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!

the sites are
US Militaria Forum

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