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Trevor,  good morning, I have many questions about my father who fought in WW2.  Here is his information:  Harold D. Horn, Army Serial # 35549114, PFC, MD, Surgical Technician 861, date of entry:  8 Mar 43, Normandy, N. France, Rhineland, G0 33 & 40 WD 45, Ardennes, Central Europe, Good Conduct, WW 2 Victory, European African Middle Eastern Campaign with 5 Bronze Stars.  It states he was in the Med Det 385th AAA BN.  I am digging deep and understand most of these items, what I do not know is the 385th was broken down, so I would like to know what infantry # and or medical squadron #.  I have having a hard time figuring all this out.  I am receiving medals and more information from archives but nightly I am constantly digging more info up.  Any help would be very much appreciated.  Thanks so much, this is so awesome, our family had no idea, we only knew he was in the war.

Hi Mark

Thanks for the question. While outside of expertise I will try to help.

It sounds like you already have most of the official information available. If you haven't already, you can request his file from the military at:

Regrettably, there is little written on combat support and rear service units. Occasionally they are mentioned in passing but rarely is there anything written in depth. I did find a website on the 385th AAA Bn at:

Many AAA units were broken up during 1944 and 45 since the Luftwaffe was not longer much of a threat, and since there was a huge shortage of infantry replacements many of these men from these disbanded units were handed a rifle and sent to an infantry unit.

You could try posting your questions on some of the many ww2 history forums on line. My experience has been that the people on them are friendly and more than happy to help if they can.

I hope this helps in some small way. It is gratifying to see people interested in their family history. I think it's important.

Kind regards


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