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I have an old shell case of which I'm looking for some information on. The details are as follows:

37" GUN I
LOT 280   ECC
1940     CF
(it also has a mark that says PO with what looks like an arrow at top and bottom of it)
Additional marks on the fuse/percussion cap are:
No11  III B ltd   10-41
798 KBY 342

It is brass and has dimensions of 4 1/2 inch dia x 8 1/4 inch long with a flanged lip at the bottom.
If possible I am trying to find out if it British, US or other, and what may have fired it? ie tank, field gun or ship?

And if at all possible what if any value it may have.

Really hope you can help, I can supply photos if required.

Kind regards



You have a shell case from a British antiaircraft gun called the QF 3.7 inch AA gun.  This was a land based antiaircraft gun used by Great Britain.  CF stands for contact Fuse.  The shell was built in 1940 but the fuse was built in October 1941.  
The QF 3.7 was similar to the Famous German 88mm, but was much heavier and thus a not a good antitank gun.  A QF 3.7 was normally mounted on a rolling platform that could be setup in a short amount of time depending on the crew.  As an Anti aircraft gun it was among the best.

Please check out the link and Thank you  

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