Military History/WW2 Japanese swords


Risk wrote at 2013-05-08 10:51:17
The bottom with wood handle is call Kriss In my languege. that sword come from middle east asia.. in malaysia, thailand and indonasia ...  

Fred wrote at 2016-12-23 16:54:56
Did you ever find out about the ones That were thought to be Chinese. I have one very similar to that and was told it was from the Philippines

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I can answer questions on World War Two weapons, tactics, and strategy. I can answer questions on Weapons systems and their development. I can answer guestions on Space exploration history. I am a World War 2 expert. I study Military Weapons Systems and the usage of those systems.


I work for Saint Petersburg College as a TRS or Technology resources specialist. I read 10 to 15 books a year on World War 2 and weapon systems. I also have a BA in History from USF.

I have a BA in history from USF.

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