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Hello Isaac.
What was the largest battle in Europe in the 99 years between Waterloo and WW I, excluding the Crimean War?

The largest battles fitting the given criteria that I know of are the Battle of Königgratz [1866] (221,000 Prussians & Allies Vs. 206,000 Austrians & Allies)* and the Siege of Paris [1870-1871] (250,000 Prussians & Allies Vs. 500,000 French)*. Although the Siege of Paris is technically larger, 380,000 of the French troops were untrained-last-minute-recruits. The answer depends on wither or not you want to qualify a siege as a "land battle" or not.

So, final answer either the Siege of Paris or the Battle of Königgratz.

*Both numbers are cited from S. C. Tucker's Battles that Changed History

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