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My Grandfather, Daniel Gutzmann, was born in 1849, he served in the German Army during the Franco-Prussian war.  Do you know if there are any records of these soldiers, and if so, how I might obtain copies of such records.
I would so appreciate any help in this search.

PS I also live in Florida.

I can tell from your website (Daniel Gutsmann From Prussia to Nebraska) that you have already done extensive research on your ancestor.

The only online accessible record that I could find that might be relevant is a reference to a Gefreiter Daniel Gutzmann on a document refers to as "Germany & Austria, Military and Marine Unit Histories, 1760-1930 (in German)", since I do not have a subscription to, I can't actually read the document myself.

Many military records from the Kaiserreich were destroyed during the Second World War. Most of the surviving records are held in Berlin or Moscow.

For more information on the records held in Berlin see:

The records in Moscow are, as far as I am aware, completely inaccessible as all captured German documents are treated and stored as classified information.

Sorry I could not be more helpful, good luck with your continuing research.

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