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Military History/Who would you consider the "good guys" in WW1?


well, my question for the expert is a random one.

I will be asking more questions here maybe soon.

So my question, where there "good guys" in WW1? Is it possible that you could consider Germany and the Central powers the "good guys" in World War 1?

Or where the allies the "good guys"?

I would like a very detailed answer to the question.

Thank you! ^-^

There is no such thing as "good guys", only "bad guys", "badder guys", and "baddest guys". In short, human beings.

No one can judge the character of individual soldiers who have long since died; which nations are "good" or "bad" is largely a subjective matter.

Personally, I tend to sympathize with the Central Powers because thats where my ancestors were from (and it's the area of the world that I study).

Because this is such a subjective matter, it is impossible to give an academic detailed answer.

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