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My father (Arthur L King 35 679 774 Technician 5th Grade) was assigned to the US army, 263d Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company, Pacific WW2. I have found only 2 references of his company in the "green books, as (1) accompanying the 1st Marines on Dec 26, 1943 to Cape Gloucester, and (2) accompanying the 40th Division to Luzon, Jan 15, 1945. Our family has several pictures of New Britain, and of Luzon which show his company at Grace Park and of the damage to the city of Manila.
Therefore, not only did he experience the same "rain" like all veterans of Cape Gloucester, he even had to stay there, only to experience a "tidal wave" which took out his bivouac (I assume) in April of 44.
He received a Bronze Star w/2 oak clusters, yet he never spoke of how he received his 3 bronze stars. The only mention he made of his bronze stars was that his third bronze star was not a "legit" award. However, when I asked about this "non-legit" award he said that he manned a machine gun on a truck and fired at the Japanese 3 times, but they were so far away from the road that he doesn't even know if he hit anything (Luzon). While reading the Gerald Astor book, "Crisis in the Pacific", pg 513, it mentions the same story, yet does not mention my father by name. I can only assume it may have been him? If not, then may this man have the same honor in my heart as I have for my father.
So, my questions are: (1) How do I find how he received his bronze stars, (2) Is there a list of names for his company, and (3) Is there a place in which we can post the pictures so other families can see, and quite possibly adds names to the faces?

Dear Jeff,
         The list of names of soldiers in his unit can be obtained from "Morning Reports" which can be located at the Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri and the Modern Military Section of the National Archives in Washington, D.C. I hope this helps and May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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