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Flakvisier film
Flakvisier film  
We recently recieved about 11 cases (about 1100 rolls) of 8mm camera film for (from what I've been able to gather) a German anti-aircraft weapon called a Flakvisier.  Most of it appears to be sealed, but a small portion has been opened, but we can't tell if any of it has been exposed.  My wife's father was in the Army in Europe and must have brought it home with him, but any more information about the provenance of this film died with him.

Particularly, we'd like to know:

1) Does it have any collector/monetary/historical value?
2) Has any of it been exposed and can it still be developed and digitally archived?

Jason and Crissy

A fascinating find.  A Flakvisier was a gun site for German antiaircraft guns.  It would have value to a museum the National World War 2 Museum in New Orleans takes film donations.   As to monetary value it would depend on the shape of film; some collector do collect World War 2 footage.  Most places want to quickly convert the film to digital.  The film could be gun camera footage of the German antiaircraft guns inaction or training films on how to use and or maintain the gun site.
More than likely some has been exposed but some film can still be used.  I would contact some World War 2 museums about processing the film.

I would contact the National World War 2 Museum in New Orleans; they might have a film expert on staff who can give you more information.  I have a link the museum below.  I have included another link about German antiaircraft artillery that might help.

I hope this helps and Thank you.  

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