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I have a shell casing, solid brass, weight about 13#.  The inside diameter is 8-1/2", the rim diameter is 9-1/4", and the length is 9-1/8".  Markings on the back are "SEPT" "1918" "GFSP" "sp197" "95".  I am including a few images which might help.  It was handed down to me by my father years ago.  He served under Gen Eisenhower WW2, brought back quite a few souvenirs but I'm not 100% sure about the origin of this one.  Any information you could provide would be great. If you have an idea of value, we would appreciate this, too as we will probably list it on Ebay or list with a consignment shop.


I'm stumped on this one.  The 8.5 inch diameter you report, comes out to 216 mm a decidedly odd diameter for a field piece.  I cannot find anything listed for that diameter nor the 8.5 inch.  It could be that the cartridge was originally longer with a slight taper, but its hard to say.  She height would indicate it might be a howitzer cartridge if it was never cut down.

I would recommend you send a query to this website, which by the way, sells artillery catridges.  He might have better reference sources and can identify it for you.  go to the Heavy Ordnance link

The only guns that come close to being in the size of the piece you have are:  8.3 inches or 211 mm  8.3 and 211 mm

These used a longer cartridge and yours could have been cut down to use as an ashtray or stand of some sort.

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