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My Dad served in the 67th ORD Co. according to his Report of Separation. His date of induction was 12/15/1944. His departure date was 8/21/1945 to APT(?) with arrival date of 9/6/1945.He told stories of hand to hand combat and had shrapnel in his leg and a bayonet scare on his stomach. Yet his report says he didn't receive any wounds in action and I can't find where any battles were fought during his deployment. Was he fabricating his war stories?


Your dad served in the Asia Pacific Theater (APT) which included New Guinea-Australia.

I can find no reference to the 67th Ordnance Company, there was a 67th Ordnance Battalion in Italy.

Most independent battalions had a number, and were attached to other units, like a division  as needed.  An ordnance battalion maintained and repaired equipment and weapons, such a tanks artillery and vehicles. They could often come under fire especially in small areas like Normandy in Europe, so it is not out of the quesiton that your father saw combat. He might have come under artillery fire even in the rear areas where these units were normally stationed.  Nor is ti out of the question that he saw hand to hand fighting as in the Pacific one of the primary aims of the Japanese was to infiltrate to the rear areas where they could raise more havoc by attacking troops behind the front lines and who were not prepared for that kind of action.

If he did not recieve the Purple Heart, then he did not recieve his wounds in combat unless he did not submit a claim for it.

If he arrived in the Theater in September of 1945, all fighting had stopped except for the occasional raid by Japanese soldiers who did not know or accept that the war had ended.  The last japanese holdout in the Phillipines did not surrender until 1974. A full 29 years after the war had ended.

To accertain exactly where he was and what took place will require that you find out what division his Ordnance company was attached to.  Then you can look at the detailed history of what and where he was during the dates.  There were casualties suffered in China by occupying american troops and on area of New Guinea and the Phillipines after the date of the tend of hostilities.

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