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Military History/WWI artillery shell?


I have a beautiful artillery shell that has been meticulously hammered to bring a the front.  It's amazing.  I got it from my grandfather who would be 105 today.

I have tried to look it up...who made it, USA? Gr Brit? Ger? How old it is...I don't know what I am looking at with these numbers:  
AM LOT (on top)  T 13752-14-G.&D. 75mm F.G. (Under center hole)
R A V (smaller stamps of cap. letters, in various locations and positions...individually floating)


Just a quick glance tells me it is from the famous 75 mm field gun produced by the french.  The Brits labeled their guns in pounds.  Like the 16 pdr field gun.  This was carried over from the solid shot cannon days and did not end until after WWII.

The 75mm gun was also supplied to the US Army for a few reasons, mainly it would be easier to supply ammunition, the French industry was in full tilt making the stuff and it was easier to give us cannon made in France that to ship ones of US manufacture that were nearly obsolete.
We did eventually make 75mm guns in the US under license some of which were shipped to the US.  In those days it took years to design, retool and produce an assembly line.  Recall that we were only in WWI for a brief time: only 13 months.  So we went with foreign made cannon, planes and tanks, we did produce our own rifles and bayonets, but used French machine guns.  It was only near the end of the war that Browning got his Browning Automatic Rifle and light and heavy .30 caliber machine guns into production and none were in use before the fighting was over.

The alphabet soup is as follows:

AM usually was stamped as AMI for Anderson Ammunition an American maker of rounds for the 75mm

Lot :  Ammunition lot
followed by the lot number.

The single letters are inspectors initials.  Here is a link to similar pieces if you want an idea of its value.  

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