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Military History/WWII Pin, need to know the name


I have what i believe to be a WWII pin that belonged to my great grandfather, it is black and has a private sign with 2 rifles in the middle forming a "X", its 2.3 cm wide and 2.1 cm across. I have 2 of them and would also like to know, if possible, what they sell for.

Hello Andrew, from your discription of the pin , they sound like US Marine Corps , and they would be "Lance Corporal" insignia , the stripe has point going upward I assume and the crossed enfield rifles under the "arch" of the stripe, if so that is your insignia .

Now their being of WW2 status , the price would vary as to interest show in them , some people collect specfically USMC emblems etc , if the condition is good and you have papers etc to prove his being in WW2 this adds a little to the value , but as to a "price" that is something I would hesitate to quote as I don't buy militaria , but I can suggest a site you could post them on, it's free to join and post and I'm sure the members there would be able to help you on price and probably buy them , or swap if you collect , the site adress is,
US Militaria Forum

One note , if you can post a photo/s of the insignia on the forum that would help ,most like to see items and that would make for a better ID etc of them .

Good luck and Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Hey Andrew , thanks for the very nice comments, glad to help and wish all the best in your search !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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