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Hi John,
I am researching 2Lt. Donald V. Rose, who was wounded Sept. 12, 1942 on Guadalcanal.  His IDPF lists him as VMFA-232, MAG-23.  Does this mean that he was on a plane when he died?  How can I find out?  I assumed that he was with the 1st Marine Division ground forces until I found out that he was a member of  the Marine Fighter Attack Squadron.  
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Jill Johnson
Park Rapids, Minnesota

It's possible.  He might also have been wounded during one of the many air attacks and/or shore bombardment.

If he was awarded the Purple Heart (He should have been), it will probably say in the Citation how he was wounded and possibly the nature of the wounds.

If the Citation is not in his effects, you need to try and get his service record from the National Archives.

Once the bickering in DC is over, go to and follow the instructions.

You can also go to and see what you can find out about VMFA-232.  That is the official USMC history site.

Good luck in your search!

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