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I'm not too familiar with the organization or workings of the AAF during World War II. I'm looking for information concerning units of the 13th AAC/AAF. In particular were General Orders (GO) written at the Fighter Squadron level or the Fighter Group level? Looking for GO 341-43, dated November 15,1943. Don't know if was from 67th FS, 68th FS or 347th FG.

Hello Darryl, thank you for your question to me, I have to apologize as this is an area outside of what I really work in, my area is more in the line of the emblem/s and their designs,variations,colors etc.

But I can suggest a contact that should be able to help you on your search,
Mr.Carl Bailey of the Air Force Research center out of Maxwell AFB , the contact address for him is,

They are the historical records keepers of all the AAF/USAF files etc , so this should be your best bet !

One other site you may want to also try , it is freee to register and post on is this one,

It is a large forum of people who really get into the more "detailed" areas like what you're trying to find out about .

Anyway I really hopes this helps you find your info etc , all the best and have a great day !!!

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