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Hello, Mr. Sutton,

I am writing a fiction novel set in  World War 2, and the Battle of Normandy is, of course, part of the story. Despite my research, I don't understand what the other US soldiers were doing if they were't preparing for the attack on Normandy. I know that's a broad subject, but I just need a few examples. It seems like the entire Allied force was at Normandy, but I don't see how that could be the case.
My grandfather was in Belgium at the time of the Battle of Normandy; he was in the Army. Can you give me any guesses regarding what his unit would have been doing?
Thank you so much!



The US and its allies had thousands of troops all over the world not just at Normandy.  The US was very busy in the Pacific fighting Japan. The US invaded Saipan on June 15, 1944.  Also the US, Great Britain and Canada had a massive Army in Italy fighting German troops. In early June 1944 Rome was taken by US and allied troops.  Even during operation Overload a 2nd invasion of France was planned for August 1944.  Troops from England and some troops from Italy were training to land in Southern France.  Even with the invasion of France in June 6 there were still massive numbers of troops in Great Britain training for combat.  

If your father was in the US Army in 1944 and was in Belgium he was either a POW, part of a special operations group or commando or he might have been in an operation called Comet which was designed to help allied fliers escape the POW camps.  Belgium was liberated in Sept 1944.

What was your Fathers MOS or his specialty it might help.  Also what unit was he a part of; this would also help in my research.

I hope this helps and enjoy the links.  

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