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I am an American who collects old military bayonets.  I am a veteran myself, and coincidentally of Swedish heritage. I recently stumbled upon an Egyptian bayonet (not actually rare) that was made in the 1950's to fit a Hakim rifle.  It is partially interchangeable with a Swedish bayonet because the Hakim rifle is based on the AG-42 Ljungman.

I now understand that Sweden helped Egypt build its first semi-automatic rifle.  What I don't understand is why.  Sweden was trying to get the other Nordic countries to form a mutual defense group - and failed (Norway and Finland joined NATO anyway).  Egypt was trying to prevent a civil war, and it failed.

The rifle deal went through anyway.  It seems like it did, so that, Egypt would be prepared to deal, militarily, with the new nation of Israel. Which it was soon using the rifles to do exactly that.

Why would neutral Sweden, help Egypt produce weapons?

Thanks for your help.  I can't find and answer anywhere.

You are quite right about AG-42 (a semiautomatic rifle presented in 1942 and in many ways similar to the American Garrand). You are also right about the bayonet. It is also not the only example. The Egyptians were permitted not only to license produce the AG-42 but also the Carl Gustaf (19)45 submachine gun and its (very long) bayonet. In Egypt called Port Said. The reason this was permitted was the fact that the Swedish Royal Air Force sold all its American built Mustang fighters to Israel when it was reequipped with new jet fighters (the Swedish built SAAB J21R & the British built Vampire & Venom & a little later the Swedish built SAAB J29 "The Flying Barrel"= Flygande Tunnan looking very much like the Sabre & the MIG15 and powered by a British designed Rolls Royce but Volvo license built jet engine).In order to "stay neutral" Egypt was offered the deals above as compensation. That is the whole story behind this.

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