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Shell Casing
Shell Casing  
Good afternoon - I wonder if you could please help me identify a shell casing I have been given. It is a hollow tube, slightly wider at the bottom with a rim and looks brass, but I know literally nothing about these matters. The top measures 14" round, the bottom measures 15" round and it is 13" high. The markings on the side say N04 N/S 31-11 268D GD 10-89 and there is a small black circle with the letters GD CNN in. The bottom markings say L35A2 RW297 LOT239 RLB 1989. I have attached photos for your reference. Can you tell me anything about this please, how and what it is etc. I am assuming 1989 is the year but would be grateful for anything you can tell me to identify this. Many thanks for your time.


Yes it would be brass.  It would be considered Cold War era.  The useful measurment would be diameter, rather than circumference.  The diameter determines the size bore of the gun that fired it.

The British Army today has moved to larger bore weapons, of 155mm or 6 inches or so in diameter.  These are usually not fixed ammunition, meaning they consist of a projectile and propellant in bag form, not cartidge. Yours had the projectile mounted in the top like a large bullet cartridge.  They do still have in service a 105 mm light field gun.

They do still have some ceremonial field guns that are used for firing salutes on occasion.  

If the mouth of the cartridge measures about 105 mm that it is most probably from that cartridge.  The lettering on the base consists of dates of manufacture...10/1989. The letters and other markings are inspectors marks, and the armory marks.  I have not yet identified a source for their exact meaning.

The L35A2 is the type of cartridge and charge which could be A 1-5 for firing the projectile different ranges.  I found reference to correspondence by the Parlimentary Under Secretary of State (Defense Personnel, referring to such ammunition used for training:

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