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ww1 artillery case
ww1 artillery case  

ww1 artillery fuse
ww1 artillery fuse  
Dear Sir,

I have a mortar shell of world war 1 wich  I think  is a German 7.6cm light Minenwerfer Shell. In the fuse you can see the year of producion 1913, the initials AE and some numbers in the base of the shell. Can you help me?
I can send more photos in attached if you want.



Not sure if what you have is a MinenWerfer round or not.  Here is what they looked like.

The fuze looks more like the ones the British used.  I don't see the rifleing band on the bottom unless the lower portion is missing.

It looks more like a British made Shrapnel round.  The fuse type looks like the type.  What does the interior of the shell look like?  The base?  

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