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I have a shell with the markings ""6 inch 47 cal MK4 NS6 1944 JRD lot 743" surrounding the primer pocket.  What type of shell was the MK4 ( AA, HE,?)?  Any other information that you might have on this will help ease the itch my curiosity seems to have developed about it!  
Other than the fact that it seems to be solid brass, does it have any value to a collector?


The MK 4 on your shell casing refers to Cartridge Case Type and meant it had a full charge of propellant.  Six inch guns sometimes fired projectiles with less propellant these were called Mark 4 Modified.

Sadly your shell is not worth a great deal; between 150 and 200 dollars. The US had dozens of ships with 6 inch guns during World War 2 and made ten of thousands of rounds of ammunition.  You would need to look at the fuse to tell what type of shell.

I have included a website that might help.

Thank you  

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