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Military History/Acronyms on WWII Discharge


Hello Keith, this may be out of your field, if so can you tell me who to ask.  In the first block of dads discharge is his name, block #2 is serial # ,  block #3 Grade, My question is block #4 which is (Arm of Service -CAC) and block #5 is (Component -AUS) what would these two acronyms stand for?  Thanks for any help Shirley



Component:  AUS  Army of the United States

Arm of Service:  CAC  Coastal Artillery Corp

Here is a little history of that branch of arms.

Until aircraft proved they could sink ships at sea, our primary defense were fortresses along the coast near major port cities.  Houston, San Francisco Boston and a lot of others still have fortresses you can visit.  They had large batteries of large caliber guns to fight off invasion fleets.  

Their role was morphed into rocket air defense and the branch was finally shut down and air defense transfered to the new US Air Force which split off from the Army in 1949.

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