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In 1967 I was trained as an 11C (mortar)at Ft. MC Clellan AL, from there I went to OCS (Armor) at Ft Knox KY and was commissioned as a 2Lt Armor 1204 (1968). 1968/1969 I served as a line officer with the 6th of the 31st 9th Infantry Division Vietnam. I filed a request with the Department of Army in early 2009 for a CIB as I had served more than 30 days as an Infantry Platoon Leader, 3rd Platoon Charlie Company. On 11/10/2009 I received a DD214 Correction (DD215) and I was given a CIB for my service as a line officer.
My question is are there any other Armor Officers from that period (Vietnam) who also received a CIB. If so where would I research for that information. I am wondering am I the only guy, I would think not but I do not know. Thanks DAB

You are part of a small group, but some Armor Offices and enlisted did get CIB for their services in Vietnam.
During the Vietnam Conflict, any officer whose basic branch is other than Infantry who, under appropriate orders, has commanded a line Infantry (other than a headquarters unit) unit of brigade, regimental, or smaller size for at least 30 consecutive days is deemed to have been detailed in Infantry and is eligible for award of the CIB notwithstanding absence of a written directive detailing that Soldier in the Infantry, provided all other requirements for the award have been met. Orders directing the officer to assume command will be confirmed in writing at the earliest practicable date.
I have a few links that may help.

Thank you for your service.  

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