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I have an ammuntion box for howitzer m2a1, m2a2, m103 and m137.  The lot number is pb-10-3.  I was wondering if you could tell me when it was made/used and if you have any other history about it, I would love to know.  I was also wondering how much it is worth, even though I would not want to part with it.
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You have a box for 105mm ammunition.  The US Army used 105mm as artillery as late as the Vietnam War.  Most modern Artillery in the US arsenal is 155MM.  After World War 2 surplus US artillery such as the M2 were sold to countries all over the world.  The M137 was the same as the M102 and was an airborne artillery meaning that it could be airlifted by helicopters; this was done during the Vietnam War.  The Last M137 was built in 1980 for foreign sales.  So your box would date from 1964 the first year of the M137 to the early 1980s.  Sadly the box is not worth much but these boxes were very well built.  It might be worth 50 to 100 dollars more for how it was built than what it carried.  
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