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Weird weapon
Weird weapon  

I found this image in a website. Its a picture taken by Molhem Barakat. I have no clue what the purpose is of putting a gas tank on top of a missile!
Are those tanks filled with gas for a bigger explosion or?

PS. I do not know if the picture is copyrighted. The picture can be found on several websites, not sure its still copyrighted. I doubt it is, but in case of problems, it can be removed, but it would be hard to answer the question without the picture.
If the picture has to be removed, here is a link to the same picture:


What is in the picture is a LOB bomb also called an improvised Rocket Assisted Mortar/Munitions (IRAM).  Basically using propane filled with explosives and metal pieces, a crude type of Mortar or rocket is made.  These were used against US Forces in Iraq.  Propane tanks are all over the Middle East and easy to fill with other material than just gas.  Also upon impact they become deadly shrapnel along with the items inside.  A poor manís mortar.  It appears that both the rebel forces in Syria and government troops are using homemade weapons to kill each other.  

A truly sad place Syria as the rebels are now working for Al-Qaeda and the Government of Syria is working for Iran.  Any winner is not positive for the civilians in Syria.  

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