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i have a cosin that was drafted in the 1960 and was sent to vietnam but he was the last of his line . i ask him if he had any brothers that he knew of and he said no.i ask him way was he drafted and he said that they gave him some kind of dumb answer that he does not remember. i thought that that was against the law that the last of his line was made to serve in a combat zone. havent figured out how that was justified. what do you think?

Dear Howard,
         He would have been classified as CLASS IV which was a registrant with sufficient prior active service or who is a sole surviving son. The draft classifications in the 1960s is at the following site:

He would have to request his original draft records from where he resided when he was drafted through the Freedom Of Information Act of 1974 (FOIA of 1974). I hope this helps.

May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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