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Military History/Company E of the 334th Inf. Regt.


Hallo dear Richard,

Thank you for sending me the list with the names of the men of Company "E"
of the 334th Inf. Reg. There are more than 125 names on that, because - so
I think - while there are some of them who replaced the dead or wounded
soldiers during the years 1944 and 1945.
From the 125 soldiers on my photograph, I could reconstruct the names of
115. There are 10, most higher ranged soldiers, whose names I cannot yet
reconstruct. May I ask you to see if you can gave me the exact name? It
concerns the following soldiers whose names are difficult to read. Me be
their names are phonetically written?:
1st Sgt Hoover
2nd Lt Thompson
1th Lt Zalsh
CAPT. Ledbekier or Ledbecher
2nd Lt Mornia
2nd Lt Ra….
S/Sgt Laurent
Pfc Paulsell
Pfc Bugty
Pfc Pardley or Hardley

You did help me very much, so if you cannot more do for me, I' m very
gratefully to you.

Hub Franssen
Oude Baan 43A
6286 BD
The Netherlands.

Dear Sir,
       Thank You for your follow-up.  The following are the only names I can assist you with:

2nd Lieutenant William W. Thompson

Captain James D. Ledbetter

2nd Lieutenant Morgia

       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
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