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QUESTION: Mr. Sutton,

I am looking for the unit my Dad served with in WWII.  I am listing his information from his discharge paper.  He died in 2008.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jimmy PItts

Box 1 - Pitts, Frankie L
Box 2 - 18 061 441
Box 3 - PFC
Box 4 - CAC
Box 5 - AUSBox 6 - Co I 276th Inf APO 461
Box 7 - 18 Oct 45
Box 8 - Camp Wolters Texas
Box 23 - 3 Jan 42
Box 24 - 3 Jan 42
Box 25 - Houston Texas
Box 30 - Ammunition Bearer 604
Box 31 - Combat Infantry Badge
Box 32 - Tunisian Naples-Foggia Rome-Armo No Appennines Rhineland Central Europe
Box 33 - European-African-Middle Eastern Ribbon with 6 Bronze battle stars Good Conduct Medal 5 Overseas Service Bar
Box 34 - None
Box 36 - 14 Jan 43 EAMET 27 Jan 43
4 Oct 45 USA 9 Oct 45
Box 37 - Continetal service 1 0 20 Foreign Service 2 8 26
Box 38 - PFCBox 40 - RR 1-1 & Ar 615-365
Box 41 - NoneBox 55 - ASR Score 2 Sept 45 98

ANSWER: Greetings
Your Fatherís medal helps.  He received his medal in January 1942 so he was involved in the early day of Operation Torch; the invasion of North Africa.  He would have served in one of these divisions 1st Armored Division, 2nd Armored Division, 1st, 3rd, 9th, or 34th Infantry Division.
I have not been able to find which division.  Each division has a webpage that helps veterans and their families.  I have included a link to each; they may help.  I have also included a link the US Government achieves and they may be able to find more files on your Father.  Only family members can request this information.

I wish I had more information I hope this helps.
Thank you

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mr.Sutton,

Thank you for the information.  Just a couple of followups

Did you mean January 1943 instead of January 1942 for his medal?

He took bootcamp at Camp Callan which was a artillery replacement camp.  He had an address at the Orlando Airforce base, which is where he went after bootcamp, of Hq Battery 351 S.L. battalion.  From here he went to New York to ship out.

Since Dad only ever mentioned being a machine gunner, do you have any thoughts about what his address meant?  Also, did they move men into other units once the fighting started.

Sorry for so many questions, but I do appreciate your help.

Jimmy Pitts


Sorry for my mistype on the year, Yes 1943 he would have been either in the invasion in November 1942 or soon after.  Most soldiers with a combat infantry badge were trained on several weapons from rifles to machine guns. If you were very good at one weapon you could be assigned to that weapon; also artillery units needed defenses.  Machine gun nests would be setup to protect artillery positions.  Combat is a crazy thing so men many times would be cut off from their own units and be forced to work with other fighting units.  If an artillery position was secure then the defensive units would and could be assigned for action on the front lines.

Depending on the type of machine gun your father used his MOS would have been
604 Light Machine Gunner.
605 Heavy Machine Gunner.
I hope this helps and Thank you  

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