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Military History/Fathers service WW II. station in Tenn. (?)


   Good morning! Thank you for taking this moment.
  My father was stationed in Tenn. I believe during WW II. It was not talked about that much.
  He was not sent over seas due to  4f. I believe he was stationed in Tenn. (Army).  I know
  he said he worked with veterans coming back from overseas who needed prothetics, and I think
  he helped with the fitment  and/or construction of these limbs.
    Do you have any idea the name of that base/fort in Tennessee that did this work, or perhaps
  was there another army base in a bordering southern state?  I am trying to put some
  pieces together.  Again, thank you for your time & may the good Lord bless you !


Hello Paul , well this is a new one to me, I'll give you a forum site to go to that should be your best bet for finding out what you need, my area of knowledge is in the aviation emblem catagory , but again this site has a Lot of people in the know and willing to help !
It's free to register and post both, the site is .................

US Militaria

Hope this gets you what you're looking for , all the best and glad to help , and thanks God blesses me everyday with Life, and all God's good grace and blessings to you also !!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. corrected the forum , had .org and it's a .com

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