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QUESTION: "hello, i have two m-1 helmet that i want info on but cant find any. i am mainly looking for dates. They are both front seam. the first one has sewn straps and a number S1A and an S underneath. The second ones a sewn strap with diffent metal pieces on th end.  i am pretty sure the second one has a number of 1053. they both have cork finish pain but one is darker. if i remember correctly they both came with vietnam or korea looking liners. also i have a 1952 helmet liner that says micarta and a w circled. it has an unusual red tape formation around the outside and two white lines in front."

ANSWER: Dear Danny,
         The front seam was used up to 1944 when it was moved to the back seam. S stood for the Schlueter Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri which manufactured an estimated 2,000,000 M-1 helmets while the McCord Radiator and Manufacturing Company manufactured an estimated 20,000,000 M-1 helmets. The helmet liner is the manufacturer's mark which stood for in this case the Westinghouse Electric Company (Micarta Division) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Westinghouse was the preferred contractor in regard to helmet liners. May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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QUESTION: hi, in regards to the liner and pots would you know value? secondly there are two white lines on the front of the liner. it has two sets of red lines: one is around the helmet at the bottom and the other goes across the top of the helmet, would you know anything about that? there is also a name and numbers hand written in it. it says Edward Patrick and i think the numbers are 23-395-087. xoes this mean anything? thank you'

ANSWER: Dear Danny,
         The white line and red lines were used for training and/or maneuver exercise purposes. It was also used in World War II by individual U.S. Army soldiers on their helmets. For example, there is mention made of some U.S. Army soldiers having them on their helmets prior to landing at Anzio. Also, a photograph of a group of U.S. Army Rangers of the 2nd Ranger Battalion in a British LCA prior to D-Day being brought out to transport ships in Weymouth Harbor has an individual U.S. Army Ranger with a white stripe down the middle in the LCA. This photograph can be found in the book entitled, SPEARHEADING D-DAY: AMERICAN SPECIAL UNITS IN NORMANDY by Jonathan Gawne on Page 207. The numbers you mention are the old serial numbers used by the U.S. Armed Forces from February 28, 1918 to 1974 before switching to Social Security Numbers. It is either a U.S. Army or U.S. Air Force enlisted serial number. May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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QUESTION: would you be able ti give a price for each helmet pot and liner? also how do you put pictures on because i would like to show the liner because of tape marks

Dear Danny,
         I'm not a licensed appraiser so I can't give you a price on them and in regard to making photographs of them to put them on E-Bay, I don't know how to do that since I had a fellow teacher do mine for me. May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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