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QUESTION: oh, im sorry, its me again. i forgot, i wanted to ask you that if i sanded it and refinished it, it would hurt the value of it.[ if it has any]. thanks, that is all

ANSWER: I would not sand it.  You could use some Brasso to clean it up, but I would not use any form of abrassive that might marr the finish.  Polish yes, but do not sand it.

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QUESTION: hi,i also posted another question, but i never got a reciet. so i'll post it again: you said it was made in france, but did the french fire it, or was it shipped to the us and they fired it? also is it of any value, because i know that there are alot of them, and just because somthing is old doesn't mean its of any value. -skylor p.s. thanks alot for all your help,it will make a great display item, now that i know more about it. my uncle though it was from december[75 dec]. thanks again


It is impossible to say who fired it.  If you have more on the provenance...that is who originally owned it, where they got it, you might be able to figure it out.  I don't think someone brings back a hunk of metal from Europe by boat in the early 1900s unless it means something to them.  It was probably brought back by an American who wanted it as a souvenir or momento.  So if I had to venture a guess, he probably picked it up from a pile of shell casings in his area which would mean the Americans fired it, part of a lot of ammo made and given to them by the French.  Late in the war, some American Divisions worked closely with French Units in the offensives that ended the war.  To simplify things, they were probably drawing their ammunition from common depos.

Value is ralative.  Probably about $50 to a collector.

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