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I am writing a paper on the Civil and Iraq war and would love a response from an expert! Thank you so much for your time.

What war tactics/weaponry were used in the Iraq war?
What colors were used in the Iraq war uniform?
What were the main aspects of the Iraq war uniform?
What was the geography like during the Iraq war?


Glad to help.  The Iraq conflict is a very complex event and must first be put into context.  One Iraq is made up of 3 main groups; the Kurds, Sunni and Shiites.  2nd Iraq did not exist before World War 1.  The Ottoman Empire controlled a vast region of the Middle East until its defeat in World War 1.  The British and French divided up the Ottoman Empire and created the nation of Iraq.  In the 1963 the Ba'ath party used a military coup to take over Iraq.  In 1979 Saddam took over the Ba'ath party and became the dictator of Iraq.  Sensing a weakness in Iran after the Shah of Iran was kicked out and the American hostage crises; Iraq invade Iran.  The Iran and Iraq War lasted from 1980 to 1988.  The war ended in a stalemate and with Iraq in debt to its neighbors.  To deal with this debt the Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 and was defeated by a multinational force lead by the US in 1991.  Iraq after the Gulf war supported several terrorist groups and this lead the US invasion again with several other nations in 2003.  
As to weapons the US used the Predator Drone, AH-64 attack helicopter, UH-60 troop transport helicopter, B-1B bomber, F-16 fighter, M1A2 tank, M2 Bradley armored personal vehicle, the Hummer, the Striker wheeled infantry vehicle, M109 mobile artillery, the LVTp-7 landing craft, M-4 assault rifle, and many others.  The Iraq Army in 2003 was a shadow of itself when it invaded Kuwait in 1990.  The Iraq army had T-55 and T-72 tanks many in poor repair, BMP and the BTR infantry vehicles.  The Iraq air force had mainly Mig21s and Mig23.  These were buried and saw no service during the invasion.  As to on the ground battles the Iraqis used AK47-copies, RPK Machine guns, RPG anti-tank grenade launchers, Improvised Explosive Device (IED, also in vehicle borne flavors, VBIED), mortars, artillery rockets (katushya-derivatives) and rifles.

As to tactics the US used a Blitzkrieg style attack from Kuwait.  Using its controls of the air the US moved armored forces swiftly into Iraq.  Only pausing to refuel and rearm.  Most Iraqis forces were surrounded cut off and either surrendered or was destroyed.  The US light Forces and the Kurds in Northern Iraq cut off any avenue of retreat.  Within in days US tanks entered Bagdad thus ending the Iraq government.  Many Iraq soldiers abandoned the military and either returned to civilian live or after getting rid of their unformed formed a guerilla army to resist the US control of Iraq.  

Once the invasion was complete Iran and al-Qaeda desired to control Iraq.  They knew that a stand up fight against the US was not going to work.  So the remote control bomb or IED was used.  At first the local terrorists used cell phones and remote control cars to set off explosives.  The local terrorists looked for convoys and placed explosive in burned out cars along the road.  The local terrorists also used snipers to Kill Americans and anyone else.  The Sunni and the Shiites also started killing each other with suicide bombs.  In 2007 the US greatly increased their troop levels and the Sunnis got tired of al –Qaeda killing civilians.  The Sunnis turned against the al-Qaeda and the US forces with the information given to them by the Sunnis leaders ended much of the conflict.  The Shiites in southern Iraq backed off as more US troops arrived and began patrolling.  In 2008 the Iraq Army began to come back into existent after being disbanded in 2003.  
As to uniforms a picture is worth a thousand words.  Please check out the links.

Most Iraqi uniforms were either green or tan and one color.  
The US used a Tan camouflage uniforms

Once the civil war started between the Sunni and Shiites there was no uniform.  The many groups armed by al-Qaeda mainly Sunni and the others groups armed by Iran mainly Shiite didn’t have a set uniform.  The US Army and US Marines continued to use the desert Camouflage for the rest of its stay in Iraq.
As to the Geographic of Iraq mainly desert but 2 large rivers flow thru Iraq the Tigris and the Euphrates.  Along these rivers are the farming regions of Iraq.  There are mountain ranges boarding Iran and Turkey.  Iraq is pretty flat.

I hope this helps and please check out the links

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