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I have in my possesion a cloth badge from the 2nd world war.
It denotes the German imperial eagle, however, instead of a swastika in the usual place ,there is instead what appears to be a British RAF symbol, the red, white and Blue 'target'.
Can you shed any light on this ?

Hello John, Luftwaffe items aren't my area of best knowledge, do you have a photo you could send of the badge?????
The "Target" you describe is known as a "cockade" , the patch/badge doen't have the "swatika" at all?????
The only ones I've seen via a brief net search have the Eagle grasping the swastika in it's talons and the "Target" just below it , and that is german Army type , there was also a type with the eagle w/swastika and a set of spread wings below with the "Target" in it's center.

A photo would be a big help to ID this one if possible.

If you don't have one I suggest you check the net for german hat emblems.


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