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I have 2 shell cases that were made into trench art. They have handles one side and rests on other and have words Von liegburg and on bottom of one shell 18 pr 2 cf lot 520 GC .the other is diffrant but has 18 pr and funny marks they are 4ins wide and may have been cut down 8ins long Thank you,Tim

They are 18 pdr casing from the British 18pdr field gun.  See this link for more detail of the weapon:

The CF letters mean Cordite Full charge meaning it had a full charge of cordite powder in lieu of a reduced charge for shorter ranges.  It also means the case had been fired and refilled fewer than 6 times after which it would have been used for reduced charges only.

Lot is the lot number of the production run.

There might be a date stamp of numbers thus: x/xx for month and year it was made.

GC are the company initials.

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