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I have a napoleon cannonball it weighs 12 pounds and I was wondering what it may be worth. I have had it looked at but they could not tell me much about it.


Correctly, you have a 12lb solid shot from the 12 Pound Model 1857 Field gun, commonly called the Napoleon. The cannon was the standard smooth bore cannon used in the civil war by both sides.

The ball should be 4.62 inches in diameter or close to that.  The ball should be iron.

The reason I tell you this is there are a lot of steel ball from ball mills being passed off as cannon balls.  They are not of the uniform weight and size that a solid shot would be.

Sites sell them for about $150-200.  The higher value will be if you have information on its provenance...where it came from....where it was found...or any other history related to it.

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