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WHAT exactly would an American  field press censor do  in the  ETOUSA ,IN England  in 1943 ?
hIS ORDERS HAD HIM GO TO 8 DIFFERENT PLACES in England,THRU 1943?would you know why?

ETO is short for European theater of operations.  In 1943 the Press was all over England reporting on the war.  A Field Press Censor would review the material written by a reporter and delete information that could be bad for moral at home or information an enemy could use.  Such as the moral of bomber crews after losing so many bombers in a bombing mission.  The Germans would want to know how many bombers were lost so that data would be removed.  Also in 1943 The US and Britain were planning Operation Overload the invasion of France.  Any information as to where and when had to be controlled.  There were press centers all over England near Army, Navy and Air Force bases.  Reporters would be near these bases.  So the Field Press Censor was constantly on the move checking on what was being written.

I have a link that goes into detail of the mission of a Field Press Censor.

I hope this helps and Thank you.  

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