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Johnny:  appreciate your thanks for my service.....have a serious problem with responding to you.  Would be much better if i could just click on a reply button.  Have checked out the sites you far, no luck on info on the plane....working on it today. You asked the bomb group i was with...was the 22nd bomb group.  All of our crew..#309 are gone...i am the sole survivor.  As mentioned, the Yankee Air museum, Belleview, Michigan is trying to gain info on this plane.  If, ddown the road you find anything, please let me know.  I'm sure you have more access to sites than i do.  Have checked a couple of bomb groups, but the "Michigan" name did not show up.  Thanks

Hello again Sanford, sorry to hear none of your crew is still with us , also surprised that the sites didn't have anything on the "Michigan" , too bad you don't have the serial number , that usually helps a lot ,of as mentioned the Group".

Anyway , here's my email if you want to contact me anytime in the future , I'll try and see what I can find from my end on her , best of luck and thanks again for your service !!!!!!!!!
22nd "Red Raiders" you guys were really in it for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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