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Dear Mr. Patton          I would like to known if there is a way to fine out what marksmanship badges my father earned in ww 2? I have a picture and his discharge papers in the pic you can see badges (albeit not clear). One looks like it has a wreath on it, the other  just a cross. Appears there are 4 bars below each badge any ideas as to what they are (bars I mean)? Thank you in advance for your help.          Thank you Kim

Qualification Badges highest left to right
Qualification Badges h  

Clasps under qualification badge
Clasps under qualifica  

It looks like he is wearing two expert Qualification badges, with 8 qualification clasps. The Expert is the one with the wreath.  See images below.

Considering that he was a Technical Sargent in the Military Occupational Specialty of Machine Gunner, he probably would have had the following qualification clasps: Rifle, Pistol, Machine Gun, Auto Rifle (that is the Browning Automatic Rifle), Submachine gun, Bayonet, Grenade, and Carbine.

I say this because your father would have been assigned to either a heavy weapons platoon, that would have been attached to a company, or to a Batallion Hvy Weapons platoon assigned to the battalion headquarters.  These units were then attached as needed to other units for special reasons: in order to support an attack, or to help defend an area that was going to be under attack.

Another thing, the reason he was chosen for this MOS is that he was a machinist before the war.  He might have been assigned to be an armorer which kept the guns in operating condition, but the fact that he earn the CIB (Combat Infantryman's Badge)shows he was engaged in combat and was under under enemy fire.  The "technical" in Technical Sergeant means he had a military specialty that requried specialized training.  You can be pretty safe in saying those are the eight that he displays in the photo.

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