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I am hoping to identify an item that I think originates from the WW1 period or earlier.  It is an inert item with no cap/head and it is approx 95mm.  The base is approx 38mm across, the top 20mm with a 15mm opening.  It is heavy for its size at about 525g.

The item has a  brown painted surface with a small Union Jack and another commonwealth flag (blue with Union Jack to top left corner) near the narrow end.

Keen to confirm what it is if possible and approx value?

Thanks in anticipation

Bill Archibald

In all likelihood you have the projectile from a 1 pounder pom pom anti aircraft gun.  The projectiles weighed in at 1 lb, which is around your 525 grams.  The diameter was 1.48 inches which is 38 millimeter caliber.  Check out the images of the shells.  

It looks like from this information that the gun fired solid armor piercing shot during WWI for the stated reasons under British Ammunition.  There might have been some coastal defense or training units in the vicinity of your find or it was brought home as a souvenir.  The fused cap probably accounts for the opening in the tip. and the bursting charge emptied.

These were also used in the Boer War.

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