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Did Cobras have mini guns/ If so what Cal did they start with.I was in VN Sept 68-Sept 69, and was with the 4th inf

Dear Mr. Anderson,
         It was the AH-1G Cobra that was used throughout the Vietnam War and racked up an enviable war record. The information is follows:

*2x 7.62mm (0.308 in.) multi-barrel miniguns or 2x M129 40mm grenade launchers, or one of each, in the M28 turret. (When one of each was mounted, the minigun was mounted on the right side of the turret, due to feeding problems.)

*2.75 in. (70 mm) rockets-7 rockets mounted in the M158 auncher or 19 rockets in the M200 launcher.

*M18 7.62 mm minigun pod or XM35 armament subsystem with XM195 20 mm cannon.

Reference: Vietnam Choppers: Helicopters In Vietnam,1950-1975 by Simon Dunstan

Have a nice Easter and May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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