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kluver soldier "papa"
kluver soldier "papa"  
I am attempting to gather some information from a photo. It is presumed to be my third great grandfather. He was born in 1812 in Verden and died in 1885 near Remels, Leer.  According to 1844 records he was a "Dragoner".  Based off the helmet I assume the photo to be from after 1867.  Im just not confident that the photo is of a 55 year old or possibly older person. The photo my be from a more recent ancestor.  The only label on the back is "papa".  In your opinion when do you think the photo was taken, and is there any additional info you can gather from the uniform itself.

I believe that the style of the helmet narrows down the date of the photo to sometime between 1856 and 1897. His uniform is consistent with that of a Dragoner (english, Dragoon), although other possibilities can not be ruled out entirely. He appears to be wearing an officers belt, along with a sword and dagger, which may indicate that he was an officer.

I am sorry that I can not provide more detail, but it is difficult to say anything with certainty based off a small monochromatic photo.

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