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German Soldier
German Soldier  

German Soldier #2
German Soldier #2  
Hi, I have two photographs that have been handed down to me that are of two German Soldiers (may be the same person, I don't know.) It is believed they are Brenneisens, and I know my Brenneisen ancestors resided in the municipality of Hauingen, Lorrach, Baden, Germany - near the Swiss and French borders of Germany.  The Brenneisens arrived in the US in 1867, so I would presume (which I probably shouldn't) that they photographs came with them.  The back of one gives the photography studio as being in Karlsruhe, which is also in that same area of Germany. Can you look at the photographs and tell me the time period of the uniform and what type of soldiers these men were?  Much appreciated~

Both soldiers are presumably from Baden. Both photographs were definitely taken after 1849. Assuming the coloring is correct on soldier #1, then he was an infantrymen in the third regiment. The second soldier was also an infantrymen.

The above can't be said with %100 certainty because the photographs are small and monochrome.  

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