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I am trying to get someone to price some amazing items from World War I and II. I have in my possession three from the navy and two from the army. The Battle of St. Michel and U boats and submarines from the Navy. They say ordinal films. I also have ordinal photos from the Navy..picture of Patton and Eisenhower and many pictures planes, doughboys from The Invasion of Sicily. I also have 3 mugs (trench art) that were made from the brass ammunition shells from the Invasion of North Africa. Can you please steer me in the right direction? Thanks


The first thing is to get some photographs of the items.  For the films getting the company name, year of production and a short synopsis of the content.

The value of the items is really the value you or a collector puts on them.  Go on Ebay and search WWI collectables to get an idea of what they might be worth.

Another source are militaria websites that sell stuff on consignment.  Do a google search for militaria auctions.  There are a number of sites listed.  They will reqire

One Idea for the film...if it is government produced, it is public domain.  You can copy it and distribute it yourself. If you could have it transfered to DVD you could sell it yourself via Amazon and get $10 a crack or more.

I recall watching a series of old films in the 1960's called The Air Force Story.  It was produced by the air force and was on 16mm spools and there must have been 20 one hour reels.  My dad was in the Air Force and brought them home from the library with a projector.  I can find no evidence that they ever existed.  If one could find a copy and replicate it they would have a bonanza for air warefare enthusiasts.

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