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Dear Mr Signor

      I am trying to put together a data base on ww 2 bomber & fighter groups.I would like to known if you could tell me how many groups there were.would be appreciated

         Thank You

Hello Kim, this is a great question, please give me time to get back to you on this one as I will have to actually check my records and count the number of each of the Bomber/Fighter Groups that I know of . I assume you're talking only the USAAF types????????????
There may/may not be more than what I have , but I think it will be pretty close as these are from a 30 year research period, I will get back to you ASAP on this one.

By my count, and please remember some of these unit were "Training" and or replacement Groups that were "Stateside" and did not see combat,and some were "Paper" units, but were still Bombardment and Fighter Groups .
There were 110 Fighter Groups and 165 Bombardment Groups of the WW2 USAAF.

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