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Kitty Diamant in front of old plane
Kitty Diamant in front  
I found this photo of my mother, standing in front of a Piper plane.  My parents came to the US in 1940 and I'm guessing this photo is c1945.  I'm assuming it's in the US, but I don't know where.  My parents lived in Virginia, (Norfolk and Arlington).  And lastly, can you identify the uniform of the gentleman in the background.


Michael Diamant, MD

Hello Michael, well as to where the field is in the photo , that's a very difficult question, it appears to be a civilian field seeing as the piper is in civilian markings, if you're reffering to to man in the far right background it appears to be a USAAF uniform or possiblt being a civil air field it could be a "Civil Air Patrol" uniform, the photo is really to small and fuzzy to make out any good details .

I wish I could be of more help , but there's not much to go on via the photo , sorry .

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