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Dear Johnny

         Been researching bomb groups in the second world war,was wondering if when a recon sqd. was attach to a bomb group were they used for bombing missions?

         Thank You Kim

Hello Kim, well it would depend on if the Recon unit's aircraft were of "bomber" type , usually they weren't , but there were exceptions, some B-24,B-25 and B-17's etc had both camera and bombing capabilities, again you'd have to look into the specific "unit's" history and their aircraft types to verify which ones did .

Usually a Recon unit went along on a mission to take "before"-During-After" photos of bomb damage to the targets the Bombers attacked , some times after they were back home a mission would be flown just by a recon bird to take more damage assessment shots to see if the target/s were destroyed or needed further missions to finish the job .

Hope this helps answer some of your question!

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