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Hello Johnny!
I recently discovered the attached picture in a box of old photos and would like to identify the people in the photo. It is obvious that Hitler is in the photo however, who is he addressing? Are they fellow German soldiers based on their uniforms? Are you able to positively identify anyone else in the photo? Any information would be appreciated and I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hello Sir, well German items really aren't my thing , but if I think what I see on two of the fellows in the photo is correct , Hilter is on one of the German Naval vessels , as the two are wearing hats with the ships "name " on them, if you could send a blow up I may be able to tell you what ship, or if your computer has enlargeing on it zoon in on the fellow to far right looking forward in photo.
The men to the left look to be the higher ranking people of the ship, also would suggest you try a "Kriegsmarine" site as I belive that's what the German naval people were under .


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