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Military History/battle of bloody gulch Carentan, France


Hey Isaac. I'm a 16 year old trying to study world war two. I'm about 8 years into my studies and now I have finally decided to write a story with the knowledge I know but I need help because i'm at a chapter where our unit is at bloody gulch in Carentan and I am not finding much on the battle. I know some basic stuff about it but I want to know the full depth of the battle.

If you could provide info on the landscape at the time, enemy attack directions, the 506th and 501st positions, when the assault came, when the 506th and 501st were relived and where that would of placed them in the landscape and some key defensive positions of the battle of hill 30.

If you respond to this thank you
Sincerely, Jeremy Dodds

The answer to your questions is too large for me to explain in a brief format. Instead, for the information you requested, please read the following;

Both are written by the US Army, and should be fairly accurate.

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